Colonial Building

The Colonial Building was built in 1850 for legislature meetings, shortly after Queen Victoria’s birthday in 1847. A groundbreaking ceremony was held, and a time capsule with newspapers, grains of wheat and an inscribed parchment documented the event! The building is considered a premium example of fine architecture; it was constructed of imported white Irish limestone and is neoclassical in design, with six impressive ionic columns, and a pediment sculpted with the Royal Coat of Arms. The ceilings, regarded beautiful by any standard, were painted in 1880 by the Polish fresco painter Alexander Pindikowski. Many galas have been held in the venue, some for royalty; others to celebrate history.

Iconoplast was commissioned for plaster restoration, plastering and molding. The historic plaster had suffered water damage and cracks from aging. Our remedial work included:

  • Plaster & cornice stabilization;
  • Cornice duplication Dutchman repairs;
  • Plastering & HPCS product application;
  • Pain removal & lead abatement.