Osgoode Hall

Toronto, ON 2017-18

This gorgeous structure is a gem, a landmark and a heritage building designed by John Ewart and W.W. Baldwin. Originally began in 1829 with 2 ½ stories and finished three years later, it has endured ten major restorations, and the front façade still reflects the 1860 design. Named after William Osgoode, the first ever Chief Justice of Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario), the Osgood Hall is now affiliated with York University and lent its name to the Osgoode subway in the heart of the city.

We were honored to take on the challenge of historic plaster preservation and restoration. Iconoplast was commissioned for the vital work of plaster stabilization and consolidation. Our work included:

  • Plaster stabilization & conservation;
  • Paint removal & crack repairs;
  • Remedial work on water damaged structures;
  • Plaster duplication & mould making;
  • Pinning historic ornaments;
  • HPCS products application;
  • Executive protection plan.